Five Hot, New Gadgets Every Apartment Resident Should Have!


Apartment life with gadgets!

Every now and then we like to scour the Internet for new goodies and gadgets that will make your apartment more live-able and organized, with the added benefit of making your life just a little more fun, too! They might be the best use for the dollars remaining on one or two of those gift cards you received over the Holidays. Here are our latest fave finds:


The Joseph Joseph C-Pump Soap Dispenser – There are lots of great reasons why you don’t want dirty hands to actually touch your soap dispenser, from raw-chicken salmonella at the sink, to the reason why people wash their hands after using the bathroom. This awesome thing pumps out the soap keeping you and your apartment cleaner and less germy, and it does it all hands-free for less than $15 on Amazon. Get one for your bathroom and kitchen!


7-Inch Power Bed Riser – These awesome things come in sets of four (one for each leg of your bed) and they do double duty. They raise your bed off of the floor, creating more space for storage, which is at a premium in most apartments. One riser in every set includes a pair of standard 110v outlets, and twin USB outlets, so you can extend power access away from your walls and into the room, perfect for more convenient charging of your hand-held electronics or plugging in your laptop. Get them for under $30 at Bed Bath & Beyond.


Satechi Portable USB Humidifier – This awesome little gadget fits securely onto most bottled water containers to create a portable, USB-powered humidifier, perfect for adding moisture to the air in a small space; and even includes a soft, relaxing blue mood light. Be sure to go for the later versions since they’re designed to fit more securely onto most commercially-available bottled water containers to prevent leaks and spills. The v.2.5 is available now on Amazon for less than $30.


Klein-Tec UV Stick Disinfecting Dishwashing Light – According to the company that makes this little gem, studies show that 62% of tested home dishwashers harbor mold. We don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it sounds plausible enough to make us want one of these things, designed to kill up to 99.9% of microbes quickly and sustainably, without chemicals. It’s less than $31 at and perfect for you or the germophobe in your life.

The Original Slush Mug – Why in the world would you drink a cold beverage out of anything else when you can have a cup designed to turn any drink into a slushee in minutes!?! You just keep this amazing mug (we like to call it the invention of the century) in your freezer then add any sweetened beverage. Just imagine coming back to your apartment from the pool every day this summer to instant slushee satisfaction. It comes in blue, purple, red and teal at, and adds absolute joy to your life for less than $10 each.


Until next time, keep calm and gadget on in your apartment!