Apartment Living Quick Healthy Meals

The last thing I want to do after a long day at the office is wait in line at the grocery store, carry it all back to the apartment and cook a healthy meal. And I’m tired of takeout, fast food and frozen meals. When I saw on television the new recipe delivery services that have started up, I was eager to try one of them.

After a careful research, I found Blue Apron. Blue Apron brands itself as a dinner service that delivers fresh ingredients and chef-designed recipes to your apartment doorstep, allowing you to create healthy, hand-created meals in your apartment without going to the grocery store. The meals you receive each week are recommended based on your own personal dietary preferences, and the ingredients are always “in-season” and “guaranteed fresh” from local farms and artisans with the help of a refrigerated box. Each ingredient is washed, packed and sealed, and each box comes with step-by-step, easy to follow recipes and perfectly labeled ingredients. The whole experience with Blue Apron has been fun.

When you sign up, you select how many people you’ll be cooking for, and your dietary preferences. Then Blue Apron delivers just the right amount of ingredients for a healthy, properly portioned meal. Each meal is between 500-700 calories and will expose you to new ingredients and cooking methods you never knew existed.

The 2-Person Plan is a package of three meals, one box each week each with three inventive meals for you and your sous chef. This plan will cost you a total of $59.94, which comes out to only $9.99 a meal, and the 4-Person Plan comes out to just $8.84/meal. Either way shipping is always free. You can also opt to skip a shipment or cancel at anytime.

After using the service for over two months, I’m totally sold. The recipes are great and easy to make, the ingredients are fresh and high-quality, and the resulting meals are excellent. Blue Apron promises a lot, but they actually deliver on those promises.

Update: The folks at Blue Apron are extending a special offer to our readers! You can Follow this link to get your first two meals free!